Friday, November 22, 2013

What Are The Advantages of Living In A Fort Sam Houston Off-Post Housing?

What Are The Advantages of Living In A Fort Sam Houston Off-Post Housing?

Homes for Sale Near Ft Sam HoustonMany military families are choosing Fort Sam Houston off-post housing over on-base military housing because of the following advantages:

1. More freedom. Owning a Fort Sam Houston off-post housing gives more freedom since you make all the decisions. You can shop around for homes, decide on a specific type of home for sale near Fort Sam Houston, control your move in or move out date, and get a feel of the neighborhood and your future neighbors.

2. More savings. Military members who live on off post housing near Fort Sam Houston get to save some BAH at the end of each month. Some military-owned Fort Sam Houston off-post housing are leased  to military members at a discounted rate.

3. More chances to live a “normal” life. Living in a Fort Sam Houston off-post housing gives you and your family the chance to live among  locals and civilians and be a part of the community and culture, which could give a sense of normalcy to an otherwise transient and unpredictable military life. There are also less restrictions living in a Fort Sam Houston off-post housing compared to living on base like with the design of your home, pets, and inspection process.

Whether you decide to live on-base or in a Fort Sam Houston off-post housing is entirely up to you.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Buying a Home For Sale Near Fort Sam Houston? How To Make It Feel Like Home

Buying a Home For Sale Near Fort Sam Houston? How To Make It Feel Like Home

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If you are part of a military family, you are probably used to living a transient lifestyle and you are probably an expert in turning any type of house into a home.

Whether you have just bought a home for sale near Fort Sam Houston or moving into Fort Sam Houston off-post housing, the challenge is to incorporate your personal style into your new home. 

Many modern conveniences are now making it easier to make even off-post housing in Fort Sam Houston feel like home.

Here are some ways that you can turn your house into a home:
1. Paint
Paint is one of the easiest type of home remodelling you can do. The sterile white walls of Fort Sam Houston off-post housing will take on new life and instantly create a personal touch to make it feel like home.

2. Wallpaper
If you cannot make permanent changes on a Fort Sam Houston off-post housing because you are renting it, you can try using temporary wallpaper. You can choose an accent wall to place the wallpaper to add color and bring life to a room and then remove it before you leave.

3. Window 
Treatments and Curtains Window treatments and curtains can add warmth and personality to a bland room. 

4. Hang photos
If you are renting a Fort Sam Houston off-post housing which prohibits drilling holes on walls, you can still hang your photos on your walls by choosing from a variety of adhesive decorative and metal hooks and picture and frame hangers. 

5. Cabinet Hardware and Light Fixtures
The seemingly small change of a light fixture or kitchen and bathroom cabinet can create a big impact in creating a more homey feel.

Whether you bought a home for sale near Fort Sam Houston or are moving into a Fort Sam Houston off-post housing, it is important to create an environment that feels like home, regardless if you own the home or are renting. With every PCS move, always look at the new home as if it were your own so you can easily think of the updates and changes you will make.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Selling Your Home Near Fort Sam Houston Before A PCS Move

Selling Your Home Near Fort Sam Houston Before A PCS Move
Home Near Fort Sam HoustonSelling a home for many is a difficult task, more so for military families selling their home near Fort Sam Houston before a PCS move because of the added pressure of limited time and frequent moves.
During these times, the Department of Defense offers special programs for military members to help them with the financial burden of selling their home.
Most military members will have the same options available to civilians when it comes to their home for sale near Fort Sam Houston.
The Selling Process
Once you receive your PCS orders to move to your next duty station, you need to decide what to do with your home. If you are transferring to another country and leaving your family behind, they may want to stay in the home.
If you decide to put up your home near Fort Sam Houston for sale, the Real Estate Muses can help you to put your home in the market quickly and find a buyer.
Once you get an interested buyer, you will start with the negotiations for the sales price of your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston as well as a closing date before your move.
You duty station can offer temporary housing if your closing date is prior to your PCS move date.
At closing, you and the buyer will sign transfer paperwork and mortgage documents needed by your title company and the bank who owns your mortgage. After the transfer of the title and payment of mortgage, you are released from any responsibility for the home.
The Department of Defense offers a program to help homeowners who experience a financial hardship due to PCS moves in their military service, like homeowners who are forced to sell their homes because installations are being closed while real estate prices are low or deployed military members who are injured in the line of duty. The U.S. Army offers this program for all military branches. Qualifications for the said program will vary depending on funding and specific criteria established by Congress.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Is It Better To Rent or Buy A Home For Sale Near Fort Sam Houston?

Is It Better To Rent or Buy A Home For Sale Near Fort Sam Houston?

Home For Sale Near Fort Sam HoustonIs It Better To Rent or Buy A Home For Sale Near Fort Sam Houston? This is the question often asked by military members who undergo frequent PCS moves.
The answer to the question of whether to rent or buy does not depend solely on financial readiness and practicality, but with the added factor of frequent PCS moves, which is a way of life in military service.
Buying a home for sale near Fort Sam houston is 35% cheaper than renting, this is according to a general study from Trulia. It only takes an average of 2.6 years for a homeowner to breakeven, meaning the point where owning a home for sale near Fort Sam Houston is cheaper than renting.
Reports of increased rental prices, historically low interest rates, and decreasing home prices may prove that buying a home for sale near Fort Sam Houston is indeed a wise investment.
But before you decide and go shopping for homes for sale near Fort Sam Houston, you should look beyond these statistics and carefully consider the following which will also affect your decision to rent or buy:
  • how long you plan to live in the home
  • your personal finances
  • the state of the housing market near Fort Sam Houston
Before you buy a home for sale near Fort Sam Houston, look at some “what if” scenarios like major repair costs or another unexpected PCS order.
Let’s say you receive your new PCS orders. Even if you are able to sell your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston quickly, consider the other costs like commissions and other closing fees which could cost you 6%-7% of the sales price of your home.  
If you are not prepared for these kinds of costs and stressful situations, then buying a home for sale near Fort Sam Houston is probably not for you.
But if you feel that you are in a financially sound position and would really benefit more from owning a home for sale near Fort Sam Houston, contact the Real Estate Muses today and we will help you own your dream home!
If you're not prepared for these types of costly and stressful events, home ownership — which should a rewarding experience — may not be for you.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

How To Find the Perfect Neighborhood for a Home For Sale Near Fort Sam Houston

How To Find the Perfect Neighborhood for a Home For Sale Near Fort Sam Houston

One of the first and most important steps in looking for a home for sale near Fort Sam Houston is looking for the perfect neighborhood, even before you look for the perfect home.

Aside from the home itself, the neighborhood you will live in will greatly affect your way of life and your entire family’s - like knowing your children are in good schools, living near your next duty station, being able to walk to a nearby park with your kids, being near shopping and restaurants, and knowing once you are ready to put your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston, it will appreciate in value.

One way to get started in searching for the perfect neighborhood is by driving by and exploring homes for sale near Fort Sam Houston and the surrounding area. Feel free to step out of the car and walk around and talk to some of the residents.

Take a look at the existing homes and other homes for sale in the neighborhood near Fort Sam Houston. Are they well-kept? Are the landscaping well-maintained?

If you are moving with children, you may want a neighborhood with other children around as opposed to a neighborhood full of seniors or young adults.

Other factors you will need to consider before buying a home for sale near Fort Sam Houston are:

1. School District. Even if you do not have children going to school, buying a home for sale near Fort Sam Houston which is within a good school district will be a great advantage for you. It will boost your home’s chances of selling fast and for top dollar in the future since it will appeal to future buyers with children. Visit the schools and talk to the faculty and students. Check out school ratings online and standardized test scores. You can also interview the children in the neighborhood who go to the same school.

2.  Crime. There are online sites that can give you details and statistics on crime in the particular neighborhood you are considering. Aside from that, you can talk to neighbors and ask about the safety and security of the community and if there are any recent burglaries or crimes. You may also want to take note if the windows and door frames of other homes have bars, since this may indicate the residents are afraid of robberies or break-ins. You may also want to talk to the local police or sheriff’s department.
You will also want to research on the values of homes for sale in the neighborhood near Fort Sam Houston since it will affect the overall appeal of the community in the marketplace.

With these tips in searching for a perfect neighborhood for a home for sale near Fort Sam Houston, always remember to keep your family in mind. You will need to consider more than just the beauty and functionality of the home or its features and size. First and foremost, you will need to consider the neighborhood since it will have a great impact on you and your family.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Fire Safety Measures for Your Home For Sale Near Fort Sam Houston

Fire Safety Measures for Your Home For Sale Near Fort Sam Houston

Since October is “Fire Safety Month,” it would be the best time for military homeowners to plan for fire safety measures for their home for sale near Fort Sam Houston.

Aside from keeping your family and the future occupants of the homesafe, having fire safety measures in your home will also give you peace of mind that your family will know what to do in case of an emergency.

Here are a few fire safety tips for your home  for sale near Fort Sam Houston:

1. Check All Smoke Detectors. 
Smoke detectors usually fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” category, but it is one item that you need to ensure is working properly at all times since you will never know when they could actually save our life by alerting your family of potential danger. Test each unit properly and replace batteries if needed. If you do not have it yet, purchase a fire alarm with an interconnected smoke detecting system that will activate all devices once one unit detects smoke. 

2. Buy a Fire Extinguisher.
Place a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, since 42% of all fires in homes originate from the kitchen, according the National Fire Protection Association. Make sure to place the fire extinguisher in a place that can be easily accessed in you home for sale near Fort Sam Houston or under the sink. Take note, however that not all fire extinguishers are intended for the same use, so research on which extinguisher is appropriate to use for each area of your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston. 

If you do not know how to use a fire extinguisher, consider buying an extra unit to practice on. The acronym to remember is PASS: Pull the pin, Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire, Squeeze the trigger, Sweep side to side. 

Extinguishers can last from 5-15 years, so it will be a good idea to write the date of purchase on the tag attached to the fire extinguisher for future reference in case you will include the extinguisher in your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston. 

Check the pressure gauge of the extinguisher to make sure it has adequate pressure. If the pressure has dropped, or if the unit is dented, rusty, or has a cracked nozzle, replace it immediately.

3. Plan Escape Routes.
It is important for military families to plan new escape routes for every PCS move. Establish a designated meeting place for every home. Draw out the floor plan and mark at least 2 escape routes, as it may be easy to forget the plan or confuse it with the plan for the previous home. 

Discuss with your family and especially the children that they should not stop to get any items in case a fire has started. Demonstrate how to exit by keeping low and covering your mouth. Advise your family to test door handles for heat before opening them.

3. Buy Tools For Evacuation A collapsible ladder can be used to evacuate rooms in the upper floors  in multi-story homes. Conduct regular checks and maintenance on these equipment. A great time to do this is when you change batteries in your smoke detectors. 

Check if windows are easy to open and close and are fully functional.

4. Fire Drills. Fire drills should not only be done in schools but you and your family should also perform regular fire drills. Do the fire drills at different times of the day to see how your family reacts and the potential dangerous mistakes they could make. Practice doing a fire drill at night so they know how to exit the home in the dark. Evaluate the drill afterwards and ask if everyone reacted in a timely manner and follow the designated routes and meeting place. 

No one would ever want to believe that their home could ever be on fire, but the fact is no one is free from this potential hazard. October is the best time to prepare for this since it is fire hazard month. Take the time to plan, prepare, and practice now and protect not just your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston, but also  your most important investment, your family.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Preparing Your Home For Sale Near Fort Sam Houston For Winter

Preparing Your Home For Sale Near Fort Sam Houston For Winter

Fall is the best time to prepare your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston for winter.

Although there are relatively fewer military members making PCS moves to San Antonio in fall compared to spring and summer, fall is the best time for many military homeowners to do some home maintenance jobs for their home. It’s also the best time to prepare their home for sale near Fort Sam Houston for winter.

1. Fireplace/ Chimney Schedule for cleaning a
nd inspecting of your fireplace and chimney before winter arrives. Don’t forget to check for obstructions, gas lines, and damper functions. This will ensure you are warm and safe during the cold season.

2. HVAC system Before you will be needing it for the cold winter months, schedule an inspection and service appointment for your HVAC system. Look for reputable companies to do this or you could ask for recommendations from family or friends.

3. Smoke/ Carbon Monoxide Detector Change batteries at least twice a year. Fall is the perfect time to do this.

4. Electric Baseboards Vacuum or remove dust and lint from electric baseboard heaters or radiant panel radiators to avoid fire hazards.

5. Air filters Cleaning and replacing air filters are best done in fall, when most people switch from air conditioning to heating. Don’t forget to also dust the intake cover.

6. Dryer Vent Clean the hose of your dryer by vacuuming the lint from the top of the hose and behind the dryer. You could hire a professional to blow out lint accumulated in your dryer hose. This will lessen potential fire hazards.

7. Reverse Osmosis System/ Well Water Make sure to check the light on your reverse osmosis system which indicates of the filters need replacing. If you use well water, have it tested for high mineral content or contaminants.

8. Rain Gutter Clean out and repair or replace gutters which are damaged or do not drain properly. Clearing out the debris allows rainwater and melted snow to drain out of the home immediately, which lessens the potential for water damage.

9. Vinyl Siding Hire a licensed professional to power wash your vinyl siding  to reduce the risk of mold growing under the siding.

10. Lawn When it comes to your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston, your front lawn will give potential buyers the first impression for your home. So make sure  to boost your curb appeal by mowing your lawn. You could mow over falen leaves to mulch them up and act as fertilizer for your lawn as well as eliminate the need for raking the leaves.  Fall is also the best time to aerate the soil in your lawn, breaking them up and creating holes in order to provide deeper penetration for seeds and fertilizers. This will result in a lush and green lawn when spring comes, resulting in fabulous photos of your home. Fertilize the grass seed before winter arrives.

11. Trees and Shrubs When pruning or fertilizing trees and shrubs, take into consideration regional guidelines. In cold regions, you can use a thick layer of mulch to protect the trees and shrubs.  This will also result in greening and blooming as well as proper growth in the spring.

Keeping up with these home maintenance jobs can be costly and tiring, but it will be truly rewarding once your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston attracts more buyers and sells for top dollar.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Tips for Selling Homes Near Fort Sam Houston

Tips for Selling Homes Near Fort Sam Houston

Selling homes near Fort Sam Houston could put a big weight on a military member’s shoulders, especially if there’s the element of time pressure before a PCS move.

In selling a home, the key is preparation. Being prepared before listing your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston will not only lessen the stress and pressure, but will help you attract more potential buyers to your home.

Here are a few tips for selling your home near Fort Sam Houston:

1. Emotionally detach yourself from your home. The moment you are able to do this, then you are ready to sell your home. Stop thinking about all the memories you had inside your home and try to think more logically about what you need to do in order to sell your home fast before your PCS move.

2. Price your home realistically. It would help to sit down with your San Antonio real estate agent who will be able to give you prices of comparable homes for sale near Fort Sam Houston. Avoid the tendency to overprice your home. Remember, you are competing with other homes for sale near Fort Sam Houston and you don’t want your home to be put at the bottom of the list.

3. Don’t think like a homeowner, but like a salesman. Utilize all available marketing tools available like social networking sites and real estate websites. Make sure you have great photos of your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston which features its best assets and amenities. Potential buyers will initially judge your home based on photos and its curb appeal before they decided to take a closer look. Make your home look inviting, declutter, and remove all personal effects. Do all you can to make your home look better than other homes for sale near Fort Sam Houston.

4. Be flexible. You should be willing and prepared to offer buyer incentives like shouldering the closing costs, moving expenses, adding new appliances, or making upgrades. You don’t necessarily have to discount your home, but keep in mind that you need to sell fast before your PCS move. Some things are worth waiting out, but learn to be a little flexible with buyers or else your home might sit on the market for months.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Should you Utilize the Advance Pay Option During your PC Military Relocation in San Antonio TX?

When joining the military forces, it is expected that you will have your PC or military relocation in the next years.  Most often than not, PC move in San Antonio requires a great deal of expenses.
The Advance Pay Option
Military personnel and officers are allowed to request for an advance up to three months of basic pay that they can use to cover unreimbursed costs during their PC move in San Antonio TX. Some think it's the best way to survive financially during the first few months of relocation because:
  •  It is an interest-free loan that makes it better than using a credit card.
  •  It is really helpful, especially if you are moving with a spouse and children.
  •  It is also the best option if you haven't saved up for your relocation.
However, just like any other options, it also comes with disadvantages:
  • It is not free money. You have to pay it for the next few years; you'll be expecting smaller paychecks.
  • This can cause difficulties once other big expenses come after the relocation.
  • This can lead to cycle of debts and even applying for another loan to pay the original debts.
  • Your request has to be reviewed by the authorities, this means you have to wait for it for a certain period and there is no assurance for approval.
With this in mind, you have to make sure that you are financially prepared before a military move in San Antonio TX. The advance pay option is still best as the last option.
There is no better way to be financially prepared than saving for your PC move. You should save as early as entering the service. Put up a savings account and set aside at least 5% of your income every month. This will grow over time that will help you in the future.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

10 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Fort Sam Houston Home For Sale

When it comes to your Fort Sam Houston home for sale, photographs are everything. 80% of homebuyers are now starting their search for homes for sale in Fort Sam Houston online, and usually the first photo they see pulls them in.

But you have to be careful to capture just the essence of your Fort Sam Houston home for sale and not too much of it since you would want potential buyers to come and view your home in person.

Here are 10 tips on how to take great photos of your Fort Sam Houston home for sale:

1. Prepare your home. Declutter, depersonalize, organize, and stage your home. Remove any distracting items or personal effects from countertops, tables, and bookshelves.

2. Take photos of areas of interest in your home. Select areas of the room with interesting elements or architectural design. These photos will highlight your home and attract the interest of potential buyers.

3. When taking a photo of a room, stand in a corner. Taking a photo from the corner of a room will give the photo dimension and depth as opposed to taking a photo from a straight perspective.

4. Be a straight shooter. Since rooms are made up of different angles, be careful to keep your lines straight. Crooked lines will give viewers a confusing and distorted perspective.

5. Maximize available light. When shooting outdoors, choose a time of day when there is no direct sunlight shining through the glass windows or creating shadows. When shooting from the inside, avoid shooting directly into windows as the light coming in the windows may create a wash out effect.

6. Utilize the rule of the thirds. Using the rule of the thirds in your photographic composition means dividing an image into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines, and that the main elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections. Using the rule of thirds will ensure that your photo will include not only the main subject, but other elements as well. It will also provide depth and visual interest to your photos.

7. Use a wide-angle lens. A wide-angle lens allows you to include more elements in a single photo. Otherwise, if you use a standard lens, you will have to stitch up several photos in a photo editing software to create a panoramic view.

8. Use a tripod. A tripod is a very useful but inexpensive tool that will allow you to take photos steadily. No more shaking hands! It also allows you to use a slower shutter speed which will increase the exposure and clarity of your photo.

9. Use a ladder. Taking shots from higher angles will increase your ability to capture the entire essence of a room in your Albuquerque home for sale. It will also help with perspective and image composure.

10. Edit your photos. Using photo editing tools is a great way to add some finishing touches. Take care not to go overboard with saturating or touching up. Use cropping, straightening lines, and enhancing in order to improve your photos and make them more attractive to potential buyers.

Remember, you only get once chance to create a first impression, so make sure you take time to prepare both your home, your equipment for the shoot, and the timing of the shoot so you can take great photos that bring out the true beauty of your Fort Sam Houston home for sale.

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8 Ways To Win A Bidding War for Homes For Sale Near Fort Sam Houston

If you are a military member shopping for homes for sale near Fort Sam Houston, you are most likely pressured by time constraints when it comes to buying a home near Fort Sam Houston for your PCS move to San Antonio.

Given these time constraints along with the fact that inventory of homes for sale near Fort Sam Houston remain low, it can be hard for military members to buy a home.

In this type of scenario, it is common to see multiple offers on homes and buyers engaging in a bidding war to beat the competition.

How do you make sure that you could win the bidding war for a home for sale near Fort Sam Houston?

Follow these tips to ensure that you could beat the competition:

1. Be prepared. Lenders prefer borrowers with good credit standing and sound financial history, so make sure to get a copy of your credit report and dispute any items that may affect your credit score negatively. Lenders are more willing to give mortgage loans with lower interest rates to borrowers with higher credit scores.

Shop ahead for the right loan and get a pre-approval before you begin shopping for loans. A buyer with a pre-approval letter is an attractive candidate for sellers of homes for sale near Fort Sam Houston.

2. Make a reasonable offer. In the current market with low home prices and lots of competition, low-ball offers will definitely be rejected to make way for higher bidders. Base your offer on recent comparable sales in the neighborhood and don’t insult them by asking for a price way below the fair market value.

3. Put down a significant amount of earnest money. Earnest money deposit is paid to the seller as an assurance that the buyer will continue with the purchase. Sellers will not take their listing off the market and miss out on other potential offers if they do not have any assurance that you are serious about buying their home for sale near Fort Sam Houston. The typical amount of earnest deposit depends on the price of the home and the area, but if you are competing with multiple offers, you may want to consider giving an amount which is above what is customary. Make sure you meet all the requirements and deadlines set by the seller so you don’t end up losing your earnest money deposit.

4. Dig deeper. Whether you are working with a San Antonio real estate agent or working directly with the seller, dig into their reasons and motivations for selling the home and use this to guide you in making an offer. Military homeowner who are selling their homes near Fort Sam Houston will be working with a tighter schedule and would appreciate an offer which includes a shorter escrow period. When a military member is expecting a PCS move, it would be hard to specify a closing date. Knowing this type of information from the seller and taking their needs into consideration when making an offer will surely give you an edge over other bidders.

5. Limit your contingencies in the offer. Buyer contingencies include finance and inspection contingencies, which allow a buyer to back out in case their financing isn’t approves or if the inspection uncovers damages that they think are too expensive to repair or are unacceptable. These contingencies make sellers nervous, so limit them as much as you can. If you are planning on including a financing contingency, you could show the seller a copy of your financial statements to show that you have the necessary funds to make a downpayment on the home for sale near Fort Sam Houston.

6. Eliminate the non-essentials. If you do not need any seller assistance with closing costs or a home warranty, then don’t include these in your offer. These items are “nice to have” but they could put your offer at risk of being rejected. Ask only for things you need to close the deal.

7. Consider an escalator clause. An escalator clause in the offer states that in case there is a higher offer for the home, you can offer the seller additional money. Make sure to base this additional amount on the financing or actual cash you have so you don’t make the mistake of making an offer which is way beyond your means. Don’t let your emotions get in the way of making an offer. If a higher bidder wins, then take solace in the fact that they probably paid more than the home is really worth.

8. Keep your cool. In buying a home for sale near Fort Sam Houston, make sure to use your head and not your heart. Always consider your parameters such as how much home you can afford, the location of the home, the current condition of the home, and how long you will live in it. Also consider your financial standing now and in the future.

Even in the frenzy of a bidding war for homes for sale near Fort Sam Houston, make sure to keep a level head and have an organized and practical approach.

The Real Estate Muses are ready to help you through each step of the home buying process so you can move into your new home soon.

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