Friday, August 30, 2013

How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse When Buying Homes For Sale in Schertz

Military relocations are a part of military life, as well as possibly renting or buying and selling homes more than once in your lifetime. For military members PCS moving to San Antonio and planning to buy a home for sale in Schertz,  they could find themselves in what we call “buyer’s remorse.” This happens when the pressure is intense to find housing near their next duty station in such a short notice.

Buyer’s remorse, or regretting one’s decision to buy a home, could be avoided if you are prepared. Ask yourself these questions to find out if you need to buy and are prepared to buy a home for sale in Schertz:

1. Can I afford it?
Just because you have been pre-approved for a loan doesn’t mean you are ready to buy a home for sale in Schertz. Is the amount that you will have to pay in monthly mortgage something you will be comfortable with? If not, then think again before buying.

2. Does it cost too much?
There is a difference between what you can afford and what you should pay based on the fair market value of a home for sale in Schertz. With homes selling fast and a low inventory, buyers are beginning to offer higher than the asking price in order to compete with multiple offers for a home. Competing with these multiple offers may mean having to pay for more than a home is actually worth or paying out of your pocket. If this happens, step back and think of he long-term consequences of buying this home for sale in Schertz.

3. Is it in an ideal location?
With so few homes on the market, you may be tempted to make an offer on a home for sale in Schertz that is not in an ideal location or is too far away from your installation. Being a military member, you may feel that this is your only option, as time is of the essence. But do not be pressured just because of low supply and high demand. You can change many things about a home, but location is not one of them. Remember that if the location is not ideal for you to begin with, it may not be for potential buyers as well when the time comes that you decide to sell or rent your home in Schertz.

4. Do I have the money and time for repairs and upgrades?
Being an active duty military member, you may not have enough time or even construction experience to complete repairs or upgrades in the home by yourself. Do not buy a home for sale in Schertz that needs extensive repair and maintenance if you do not have time to put into it.

This is where hiring a home inspector will help to uncover any hidden damage or defects in the home. Don’t worry about spending for a home inspector since it will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair in the long run. If the home inspection uncovers defects that need extensive repair and you will not have the time for it, then think twice about buying the home for sale in Schertz.

5. Does my spouse partner like it?
Do house hunting together with your partner. If you find a home that you like but does not meet the needs of your partner, then keep looking for more homes for sale in Schertz.

6. What will happen in the next 3-5 years?
As a military member in active duty, you will most likely not remain in your home for more than 5 years. Even if it sounds way too advanced, plan  your exit strategy even before you buy a Schertz home for sale. When the time comes for you to relocate, should you sell it or just rent it out? What are the benefits and costs of each option? It surely won’t be much of a romantic discussion, but it surely is practical and will save you a lot of time and heartache later.

Buying a home for sale in Schertz can be exciting, add to that the news of the recovery of the housing market but you have to follow these tips in order to avoid being a victim of the pressure of homebuying. If it doesn’t feel right, then maybe the time is not right. It is easier to recover from the emotional let down of not being able to buy your dream home for sale in Schertz than it is to recover from paying a monthly mortgage that you can no longer afford.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Is It The Right Time For Alamo Heights Homes For Sale In San Antonio?

Some military homeowners are asking is it the right time for Alamo Heights homes for sale in San Antonio?

When the real estate market crashed, military homeowners were hit particularly hard since constant relocation makes it hard for them to wait for the housing market to fully recover before putting up their Alamo Heights homes for sale.

Good news for military homeowners who want to sell their Alamo Heights homes. Today’s housing market is positive since home prices have increased to its highest in 6 years. The low prices coupled with low historically low interest rates resulted in an increase in the number of home buyers in the market.

More and more people are buying Alamo Heights homes for sale in San Antonio while interest rates are still low since interest rates are most likely to go up with the recovery of the housing sector.

So is now the right time to put your Alamo Heights home for sale in San Antonio? If your home has recovered the value it lost during the housing crisis, then it may be the best time for you to sell your Alamo Heights home.

All signs point to a steady road to recovery for the real estate market, so if you have a home for sale in Alamo Heights San Antonio, contact the Real Estate Muses at 210-332-0310 and we’ll help you market your home to bring in multiple offers.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Checklist Before Moving In Your San Antonio Military Housing

To help you with your PCS move to San Antonio TX, here is a checklist before moving in your San Antonio Military housing:

1. Make sure you arrive at your San Antonio military housing before the moving van does. Otherwise, you will need to pay waiting charges if the moving van comes ahead of you.

2. Assign two people to be present for the delivery of your items to you San Antonio military housing. One should be assigned by the door to check off furniture and boxes as received and the second will direct the crew where to place the items in the new home.

3. Movers are expected to place each item in the designated room you have indicated as well as reassemble all furniture and equipment they disassembled.

4. Your mover’s inventory sheet will have an “exception” column where you could note any damaged or missing items. If you fail to note this, then you will not be getting any coverage.

5. Send you new phone number and address of your new San Antonio military housing to friends and family.

6. Notify the post office of your new address in San Antonio.

7. Update your driver’s license as well as your address in all other identification.

8. If you already have found a new physician near your San Antonio military housing, send them your family medical records.

9. Register the children in their new schools near your San Antonio military housing.

10. Order new checks.

11. Update credit card accounts and magazine subscriptions with your new address in San Antonio.

12. Sign up for internet, cable, and long-distance service.

13. Review and update your life insurance and disability income protection needs.

14. Review and update your will and other estate planning you may have .

15. Update your information with the USAA.

Having a checklist handy during your PCS move to San Antonio will save you a lot of time and stress. If you need help in finding more about San Antonio and living as a military member in San Antonio TX, visit our website for our San Antonio Relocation Guide.

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